Learn How To Spot A Scam

Been ScammedHow To Make Money Blogging – First, learn how to spot a scam.

I checked out every scheme and dream I could find to start making money blogging.

Most of the schemes and dreams were scams.


  • They didn’t offer a free trial.
  • They didn’t even tell you exactly what the scheme/dream was.
  • They showcased their extravagant lifestyles, vacations in exotic places and luxury cars.
  • They promised easy money for little or no work.
  • But you had to sign up now before you missed out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.
  • All that you needed was a convenient beach and a laptop computer.
  • And when you tried to leave their page a little popup announced that you could have it for yy dollars instead of the full price of xx dollars.
  • Then when you take them up on their affordable offer they try to up-sell you for whatever you need to make the opportunity work.
  • Then another up-sell after that and then more until you are broke and broken and you realize that you have been scammed again.
  • Then I found an awesome community where everyone helps one another.
  • It’s free to join.
  • You can stay a free member as long as you like.
  • You get 2 free websites… with free hosting.
  • 20 lessons to show you how to set up your websites and how to start making money.

Yes, all that for free!

Find out more: http://www.333websites.com/bestonline

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About Marion

Hi, my name is Marion and I live in Adelaide, Australia. I have been creating websites since 2002, originally using HTML but now I love to blog with WordPress.

8 Responses to Learn How To Spot A Scam

  1. lb says:

    Scams seem to pup up out of no where these days. You just never know what to believe, but I will say that you have touched on a few of the dead giveaways of a scam… the hurry up cause this deal won’t last long has always made me laugh. I figure if they are really legitimate, they would want you to test it out at your pace, as they would have nothing to hide.

  2. Excellent article. I so dislike scams. Your article was very helpful. Thanx.

  3. Hilda says:

    Thanks for this useful information Marion. I have seen many scams during the last years and what I read here definitely helps me detect and avoid them. Blessings!

    • Marion says:

      Thanks, Hilda. My intention with this website is to help people learn how to blog with WordPress and to keep their wallets in their pockets when appropriate.

  4. Steve says:

    I love the your use of videos on this site. A great way to to help people learn how to spot a scam. Well done Marion 🙂

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