How To Add Music To Your Website In 15 Easy Steps

Add music to your websiteEngage your visitors emotionally with relevant, customized background music on your website.
1) Navigate to Add New Plugin.
2) Search for and select WordPress Music plugin by righTune.
3) Navigate to settings -> WordPress Music.
4) Go to righTune’s sign-up page to customize your player.
5) Login with your email address and website.
6) Select your color and placement.
7) Select the type of music you would like to play.
8) Select your visitors age group.
9) Continue.
10) Copy the code which appears in the black box (click on Copy).
11) Go back to your website.
12) Paste the copied code into the box provided.
13) Click Save Changes.
14) Visit your website.
15) Listen to the music and enjoy.

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Hi, my name is Marion and I live in Adelaide, Australia. I have been creating websites since 2002, originally using HTML but now I love to blog with WordPress.

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  1. Martha says:

    Marion, excellent article on how to add music. You are a teacher.

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